Monday, February 29, 2016


Get-Together on First day
Sudhaker Rao Pejavar & Latha, parents of Vikas, their only son known for 30 years from Dubai days when we started living and working in Dubai, around 1986-87. They are fine people and close family friends. They were also close associates for all social gathering like celebrating NewYears, Picnics, Bhajans. parties and BrahmanaSamaja programs.

Wedding Ceremony
Vikas, finished schooling in Dubai, Engineering college in Bengaluru and finishing his Ph.D in Bloomington, Indiana has grown up to be a fine adult, decided to take Shwetha, also a software engineer, working in USA, as his life partner had the Engagement ceremony in June 2015 in Bengaluru. Their wedding was fixed on 26th February 2016 at Poornima Convention Centre, Bengaluru.

The wedding ceremony was grand, previous day, Thursday 25th Feb, get.together for familiarization and some entertainment, songs,dances and dinner.
Wedding day. Friday, 26th Feb. , we reached as early as 7am for participating in bridegroom's Dibbana, and breakfast followed. The Muhurthum was at 9.10am, and both the parties got ready with guidance of purohit, Vikas and Shwetha exchanged garlands, became husband and wife. Rest of the formalities like KanyaDaana, MangalyaDharana and SaptaPadi.
Grand lunch followed with variety of items and sweets.
Evening after 7pm, was reception at the same venue and buffet dinner with lot of variety of chats, chapattis, nans and what not.... sweets and icecreams.
Next Day, saturday, 27th Feb. was the occasion for another get-together by grooms parents called

SatyaNarayana Pooja, Bhajans and Outhana
"BeegaraAuthana" at PaiVista Convention Hall at Banashankari.  There was SatyaNarayana Pooja, Bhajans followed by grand lunch.
There were lot of friends, whom we were closely associated ,came from Dubai to join the wedding celebrations. It was more of social gathering with a purpose. ladies to wear grand sarees and latest acquisition of jewelries and exchange of happiness and catching up with the happenings.
The photos speak for itself.
written Tuesday 01March2016

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