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Sunday 13th March 2016

Scenes in the play
StoryTeller, Director Nagaraja Somayaji
"Mouna" - means Silence, Kannada drama was presented by M.C. Nagaraja Somayaji and his team at A D A RangaMandira, NammaBengaluru on Sunday 13th March 2016 at 7.30pm
The 80 minutes play is collection of short stories by different authors with a concept of different life situations and the characters goes into silence.

Kalavidaru, actors with guests
May be it's two friends arguing over some issues, a girl dumping a lover boy, a working father unable to meet the demands of his son due to financial difficulties or a youngster unable to cope with the stress, or problems of a homemaker with the young daughter, working at late night. Mouna emphasises the conflict that take place within, before and after the silence takes over, and the portrayal of tales of repentance and solace.
The drama could be more effective if positive messages are given, when life situations are difficult to handle and how one can overcome these difficulties.
The play is presented in a dim light stage with the narrator, story teller, sitting in a corner and shadow play effects are used on the stage. The dialogues are lengthy and more effectiveness could be done.

with PrakashHegde, Mr&Mrs Bharashwaj
written Wednesday 16th March 2016

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