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Sunday, 6th March 2016

The Kannada book written by Ga.Na. Bhatta, "PravaBharatha", was released at Vijaya College, BasavanaGudi, Bengaluru, in the presence of distinguished persons like Dr. S L .Bhyrappa, Dr. Pradhan Gurudath, Vishveshwara Bhat, Kabbinale Vasanth Bharadhwaj, Dr H V Nagaraj Rao, Dr Thulasi Ramachandran, Shrinivasa Varakedi, Girish Bhat. and the author Dr Ga Na Bhatta.

The book is about the comparative study of novel Parva written by Dr S L Bhyrappa some 37 years ago and Vyasa MahaBharatha.

Vishveshwara Bhat releasing the book
Dr S L Bhyrappa and Tulasi Ramachandran
Ga Na Bhatta
Dr S L Bhyrappa honoured
Vishveshwara Bhat

It was a long session of speeches by different personalities on different issues of Parva and MahaBharatha, Dr Vasanth Bharadhwaj spoke in length about the new book .  Dr Tulasi Ramachandran spoke about the immense pain suffered by Kunthi, Srnivasa Varakedi spoke about the clash of thinking and so on.

Dr S L Bhyrappa aslo spoke at the end for about 45 minutes on the circumstances.the research and the preparations made for writing the book. He said he removed myth from MahaBharatha and try to understand the epic from the contemporary and modern world.
written on Tuesday 8th March 2016

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