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Wednesday, 30th March 2016

It's about few months ago I saw couple of pigeons on the terrace of my house in BhuvaneshwariNagara, Bengaluru. I felt they were also looking for some food. Some few wheat grains were put in a small bowl. They were trying grab as many grains as possible in a short time.
As the days and months passed by, number of birdies increased and I also increased the quantity of wheat grains, I also started spreading it on the terrace so that each birdie will get their share of grains.
Nowadays about 3-4 pigeons present in the morning when I go up the terrace as if they know I will be coming with their food. As soon as I put the grains, some 12-15 birdies come from nowhere and start gulping the grains.
Within minutes, not a single grain is left the terrace and some will be walking around hoping for some left over grains.

I also had a small cardboard cage in the bathroom window. But due to complaints from the neighbour, it was removed.

written 30thMarch2016

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