Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Saturday 19th March to Wednesday 23March 2016 (5 days)

Baba RamDev

YogaGuru Baba Ramdev and his Patanjali Yoga Trust organized FREE Dhyana and Yoga Camp for five days, 5AM to 7.30 am at TripuraVahini, Palace Grounds, NammaBengaluru on the dates mentioned above.

RamDev in action
I was happy that I participated in all the five days for full session of the camp.
It was an amazing experience. The large crowd who come as early as 4.30am, massive organization, Patanjali volunteers, dignitaries coming in the early morning  to deliver their short "Bhaashan" and BabaRamdev's tremendous energy, enthusiasm, humour and wit. Keeping the participants active and involved in the exercises and dhyaana is very very great.

Baba RamDev spends first one hour mailny dhyana and meditation with breathing exercises like Kapalabathi, Bastrika, Alom-Vilom, Bramari breathing practices. The live music and RamDev's anecdotes, humour and benefits of yoga. "YOGI - ROGI" catchword making the people to do regular dhyana , asanas and exercises.

Celebrating Holi with flowers
RamDev also doing marketing of Pathanjali products for household daily usages like soap, toothpaste oil etc.
Jhalak of the camp
The camp ended with a small celebrations of Holi with flowers.
written Wednesday 23rd march 2016

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