Saturday, April 16, 2016


Friday 15th April 2016
with Sridhar Bombay
Ajay and a friend
The program was Brahmopadesha of Ajay, Supriya's son. The family get-together was from Birthi, Baikady and Salekeri. Supriya, who lives in Mumbai with her family, is daughter of Sumathi, who is daughter of Baikady VenkataKrishan Rao, next door neighbour in BirthiSalekeri.
with Sumathi and Rish

Babu, Bulli , Gauri and sister Nagaveni
During our school going days, Kusuma (Babu), Sumathi(Bulli) and Gouri all daughters of VenkataKrishna Rao and SuryaNarayana Rao and Late Ramachandra (Putta) and Vishweshwara (Sanmani), sons of Baikady, were one family children.
Years roll, grown up settled in their own area, Sumathi with her Husband Sridhar also lives in SantaCruz, Mumbai, very jovial and humorous person, likes to take life as it comes. He was there with his sons, RamaKrishna and RishiKesh.
The years, when we used travel abroad, Nigeria and Dubai, Sridhar's place at Bombay used to be our transit point. Before leaving from International airport and after arriving from the airport. After Bangalore became international airport 2003, direct flights to Banagalore made us to forget Mumbai.
Rishi, Nanda, Supriya, Priya, Hamsa

The get-together at SriKrishna Dhama at Banashankari,  in pretext of Ajay's Brahmopadesha was to meet and see each other after so many years, re-establish lost contact, see how the children grown up and settled in their own domain.
Photos speak for itself, the cheerfulness and brightness in the younger generation and the fading faces of older generation.
written Sunday 17th April 2016


  1. Very nicely put up. As you said, the pictures speak well about the cheerfulness about meeting up.

    Feels so good to read.