Thursday, April 28, 2016


Thursday 28th April 2016
Seva Sadana, Malleshwara, Namma Bengaluru

It's the about 50 minutes play, kannada drama by a group of youngsters, putting up their first show at Seva Sadana, Malleshwara.

The effort and interest is amazing and the youngsters have bright future, if they continue to keep interest in their stage performance.
Main actors
The story is about three youngsters, became mad and reaches mental hospital and there they narrate their past, with lot of action of screaming, jumping, playing the role of mad people. In the process, they refelct the societies evils and how the circumstances make them mental patients.

One, who loves his mother, could not save her due to money promised him for her treatment,

Second, the boy kills his father due to his mother's greediness for money, and he becomes murderer and reaches jail, becomes mental,

Third , becomes mad due to cheating by relatives over the property issue, and reaches jail and becomes mental.
Actors with supporting people
The dialogues are explicit, acting superb (Sometimes overacting) stage setting and lighting is simple.

The boy who prrsented as narrator also did a good job.

Written, Friday 29th April 2016

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