Monday, April 25, 2016

Shri VishnuMurthy Temple, Parampalli, Saligrama.

Wednesday, 20th April 2016

Shri VishnuMurthy Temple
Dose seve
We reached Udyavara and went to our native Birthi, Salekeri that morning and there was an nvitation to attend function on behalf of RamaNavam Bhajane at Shri VishnuMurthy Temple, Saligrama through Ms Sumangali. w/o Sudhakar Kandiga.
So we were there by 11.30am and the a group of ladies chanting VishnuSahasranama.
Shri VishnuMurthy Temple, Parampalli, Saligrama is nearly 800 years old, famous for "Harake", known as "Dosa Seve", for fertility. The temple is being visited by large number of devotees from India and abroad.
Devotees visit this temple for fulfillment of gift childbirth.
We joined the Maha mangalarathi, followed by grand lunch at the hall of Kalyana Mantapa, adjacent to temple. The speciality grand lunch is Dosa with "JoniBella" (liquid jaggery)
We had sumptuous meal and rested in Sumangali's house nearby.

AshwiniRavi at the temple

with Sushravya and Sumangali
Written Monday 25th April 2016

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