Sunday, April 10, 2016


Saturday, Sunday 9th and 10th April 2016
Pyramid Valley is about 50 km from Bengaluru on Kanakapura Road, near HebbaGodi Village. It is meditation centre and a resort, with accomadation facilities and food. The venue was developed in 1990 by Swami Subhash Patriji,  Maitrya Buddha Vishwalayam, with many spritual programs and activities.
A huge pyramid with 160ft x 160ft base and a height of 102ft at the centre was constructed for meditation.  Inside the pyramid at the centre, a spiral steps leads to King's chamber (34 ft) for deep meditation. They say pyramids provide high energy meditation environment for beginners and act as force multiplier for veterans. It is believed meditation done inside the pyramid is three times powerful. It is said that 640 gemstones (Spaticas) brought from Himalayas, are installed inside the Pyramid.

Meditation is observation of natural breathing. It leads to thoughtless state of mind and makes it empty. Then the cosmic energy flows into the body, will lead to sound health, calmness and relaxation.
We along with Gururaj Parimala family drove to the venue on Saturday evening and after registration occupied the rooms booked earlier. We went to big pyramid for exploring and sat for meditation for some time. It was hot and sultry, smoky atmosphere, climbing up the spiral steps was tiring.
We walked around the premises, had dinner at Annadana and participated in group meditation at KabirBhavan from 8pm to 9pm. It was soothing instrumental music and later 20min, Swamiji's video about meditation.

Next morning, we were out at 6am walked along the valley ridge, a rough walk along rocks slippery path reached Tapaswini spot where a Lord Shiva's idol is placed under a roof in an serene ambiance, overlooking the valley and the hills.
After lunch at 12.30 pm, we left the place and reached home by 5pm.
It was a pleasant trip and enjoyable.
written Monday 11thApril 2016

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