Monday, May 23, 2016


Saturday, 21st May 2016

Recently commissioned Metro Rail, purple line from BaiyappanaHalli to NayandaHalli, a distance of about 18 KM through the city, has been much of attraction for NammaBengaluru people.

So, we thought we also join the crowd to experience the  metro ride and reached BaiyappanaHalli station around 2.30 pm and bought metro tickets to the other end, NayandaHalli on Mysore road.

Due to some nasty and uncivilized people in the beginning, the ride was sooper and enjoyable. On road, the same journey takes more than 2 hours in the traffic, metro ride is just 40 minutes.

It was me. mom and Rishi in the team and we bought again tickets to return journey to Byappanahalli and passing through VijayaNagar, Railway Station, KempeGowda, KabboPark, MGRoad and IndiraNagar. some of the stations. From KabbonPark to MagadiRoad, the metro goes in the tunnel, under the ground and whole huge srarion at KempeGowda is claimed to be biggest underground station in India.

It was a smooth, enjoyable, cool ride in NammaMetro.

written Monday, 23May2016

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