Monday, May 23, 2016


Sunnday, 22nd May 2016
K H Kala Soudha, HanumanthNagar.

Artists of drama with Y V GuduRao
T P Kailasam, humourist, playwriter and a great soul, born in 1884 in Bangalore.

He wrote several plays in English and Kannada and has left a huge legacy which is alive even today. He died at the age of 64. He had a great sense of humour and his wit was unmatched. His humorous expressions and instant witty observations endeared him to all his followers and fans.

Y V Gundu Rao organized with concept "Kailasam Jhalak" and "Kailasam Songs" by R Srinath and a Kannada Drama "Home Roolu" by his team.

I was little confused as I went with an idea that I am going to see a drama for 90 minutes, but it turned out to be GunduRao talking about Kailasams humour, Srinath Singing his songs and a drama for 60 mimutes. where a husband unable to settle between his wife and the mother.

written Monday 23rdMay2016

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