Thursday, May 19, 2016


Sunday 15th May 2016

I have booked to return from Alleppey on 15th evening train Bangalore Express to reach here 16th morning. However, Mr Jacob suggested that we could go to Ernakulum/Kochi in the morning, see the place around and catch the same train from Ernakulum in the evening.
Jacob's house TulasiKatte with Jesus
with Emily and Molly
But something came up and he had to drop the idea of coming to Ernakulum and we decided to go by train in the morning and bought the ticket at Alleppey for Rs.70 for two and were waiting. On enquiring, we were doubtful of getting the berths at Ernakulum as we have not boarded at the boarding point, and berths may be alloted to somebody else by the TT.

Alleppey(Alpuzha) Railway station
So I dropped the idea of visiting Kochi and returned to Jacob's house and rested. Mr Jacob again deopped us at the railway station at 6.30pm and we got into the Bangalore Express which arrived at 7.30pm and our return journey started and comfortably reached Bangalore Contonment at 8 am next morning where RishiKanth was waiting and we retutned home ending our four day trip to Kerala.

written Thursday 19thMay2016

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