Sunday, May 8, 2016


Sunday, 8th May 2016
Venue: RangaShankara, J P Nagara, NammaBengaluru
Tadroopi Kannada Drama is political sattire, written by Prasanna during emergency. The playwright is about ridiculing dictatorship and corruption in the society, applicable even today's atmosphere.
The use of look alike "Tadroopi" to catch the detractors.
scene from the play
The enacting was amazingly done well by two more or less look alike people, General Popat, the dictator and Tadroopi, and both comedian characters.
"Sanchaya", theatre group has effectively put up the show and done an excellent job. The recorded music and songs, lighting added more effectiveness to the show.Joseph, director of the play,transformed the play into a enjoyable comical political sattire, with present time issues also add to the interest in the drama.
written Monday 9th May 2016


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