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Monday 9th May 2016

We decided in the morning that we will go to Orion Mall to watch the latest Kannada movie "Thithi" for 4.50 pm show. When I checked at "BookMyShow", it was indicating "filling fast". So I booked two seats online. When we reached there it was housefull, as the movie is drawing lot of urban and rural crowd.

It is a movie, that tells us what;s happening in the villages, without going there. "Thithi" is the kannada name for funeral ceremony of a dead person. But the movie is much more than that. Life in the villages, difficulties of farmers, people who cheat the villagers, youngsters aspirations and their world, and with sensitivity of so many other things.
Gaddappa with his grandson Abhi
"Thithi" is the story happens in 11 days, when Century Gowda dies after living for more than 100 years and the funeral and related rituals falls on to his grandson ThammeGowda, a farmer who makes struggles to make both ends to meet to maintain his family and children, The dead man's son Gadappa, ThammeGowda's father, is a don't care loner and wanderer, happy with his drinking and smoking. When he promised to leave the village and not to be seen, he joins the sheep rearars, who move from place to palce with their families.

Thamme Gowda, who struggles to raise money for Thithi rituals and the ceremony, makes a deal with real estate guy to sell 5 acres of land, though the property was not in his name, for which he spends Rs.25,000 for a fake death certificate of his father.

However, everything fizzles out when Gaddappa returns to the ceremony.

The movie is a "CliffHamger", where lot of things are left to the audience's imagination. ThammeGowda's son Abhi;s love episode with an attractive shephard girl, future of Gaddappa, face of poor materalisticThammeGowda, and the life at village continues.

Director: Raam Reddy
Script: Ere Gowda

Cast: ChenneGowda, ThammeGowda, SingriGowda, Abhishek H N., Pooja S.M.
Months after it first released at an Inetrnational Film Festival, the most talked about and popular Kannada film for the past few months at various film festivals has finally hit the screen for general public. It's the wholesome entertainment packed with real fun and suspense.

written 10th May 2016

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