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Friday 13th May 2016

Second day of our trip is visiting temples and a palace. Our host, Mr and Mrs Jacob accompanied us even though they have different religious belief. 

First was Sree Krishna Temple at Amabalapuzha, a distance of 10 km from Alleppey. It's one of old temple, established during 15-17 AD by the ruler of Chempakasherry, Sri Devanarayan,  huge in size, Lord Krishna is main deity. 

The idol at Ambalapuzha is likened to Parthasarathi with a whip in the right hand and a Shankhu (sacred conch) in the left. This temple is directly associated to Guruvayoor Sree Krishna Temple. During the raid of Tippu Sultan in 1789, the idol o Sree Krishna from Guruvayoor was brought to the Ambalapuzha temple for safe keeping. The payasam and appam served in the Ambalapuzha temple is famous among the devotees

Our next temple visit was to Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple.

It's about 25km from Alpuzha, and is avery ancient and internationally known centre for devotees of serpent Gods (Nagaraja). It is nestled in a forest glade, like most snake temples. It has over 30,000 images o snakes along the paths and among the trees and is the largest suc temple in Kerala. Women seeking fertility come to worshi here and upon the birth of their child come to hold thanksgiving ceremonies here.

Next was visit to KRISHNAPURAM PALACE MUSEUM another 25 km drive from MannaraSala, we reach a palace Museum.

Currently a protected moument under the Department of Archeology, the palace situated near the KrishnaSwamy Temple at Krishnapuram, was built during the period of King Anizham hirunal Marthanda Varma (1729-1758AD) following the annexation of KayamKulam to the erstwhile princely state of Travancore,

The palace would easily carch the attention of its visitors, due to traditional Kerala style of architecture. The architectural highlights of this palace include a courtyard, gabbled roofs, thick framed doors, narrow corridors and stairways, dormer windows and low roofs.

A highlight among the sights for visiotrs at the Krisnapuram Palace is without doubt the mural found here, depecting the story of GajendraMoksham (salvation of elephant), dating back to 18th Century, this exquisite piece of art is one of the largest murals in Karala and is a fantastic blend of colours and expression.

written Tuesday 17thMay2016

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