Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Tuesday 21June2016

The second International Yoga day was celebrated all over the world on Tuesday 21st June 2016, the day being the years longest day.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself participated in the Yoga Day celebrations at Chandigarh, along with 30,000 participants, in the morning at 6.30am

Here in NammaBengaluru near CoffeeBoard Park, Yoga Day celebrations committee organized the program at 5.45 am by Vivekananda School of Yoga. To accomodate the large number of participants, a stage a was setup at the trisection of roads in front of Karnataka Bank. People organized themselves on three roads facing the stage and performed the yoga as per instructions on the mike by yoga teachers. It was about one hour practice with warm up exercises, asanas and breathing exercises and relaxation.

It is said that about 192 countries in the world participated in Yoga Day Celebrations today.

written Wednesday 22nd June 2016