Tuesday, June 14, 2016

KANNADA DRAMA - ಹೀಗೇಕೆ ನೀ ದೂರ ಓಡುವೆ......??

Sunday, 12thJune2016

Yshavanth SarDesai's Kannada Drama "Heegeke Nee Doora Oduve,,," at H N Kalakshetra, Jayanagara, Bengaluru on Sunday, 12th June 2016, was one of the fine dramas we have wirnessed.

Only four characters in the play holding the audience glued for 2 hours with humour, dialogues, acting and experiences daily happenings in the present day families.

Yashwant is a retired, jovial person, want to enjoy life, lives with his wife Vandana, who is an ambitious lady, wants to get recognition in the society. The son and family migrated to Singapore, married daughter visits him often and an elderly neighbour is his regular companion.

"Love, affection in the family is like investing in the mutual fund, we can enjoy but only to realize later that it's like savings account, one has to deposit and withdraw......."

Dialogues like above puts focus on lifestyle of present generation. Retired persons hurt feelings coming in the form of hunorous dialogues touches peoples heart and mind.

Vandana SarDesai also acted very well, feelings of her aspirations to work after husband's retirement, intense urge to get recognition in the society, wanting to join her son's family who migrated to Singapore, leaving behind the retired husband, all events are well presented.

Sardesai's elderly neighbour acted by KalaGangotri Kitti, also had good, hurt experiences to narrate. His stay in Chicago to look after the garndson, his love for his wife, who is sick with Alzameir's disease, she doesn't know who he is....... but he knows.....
It was more like reflection of life in the mirror...... Quite entertaining, realistic and with positive message.

written Wednesday, 15thJune 2016 

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