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Sunday 29thMay2016

SingaPerumal Koil is about 30 Kms from Chennai and 45 Kms from Kalpakkam, where we were staying. We four, Sundaresan's wife, servant Pramila and V2 left from the house around 8am, and had breakfast at ChengalPet and reached SingaPerumal koil by 9.30am.
steps around the temple hillock

The beautiful rock cut temple, and the deity is Lord Narasimha also carved out of a single rock in the small hillock. Here the Lord is known as Sri Paatalaadri Narasimhar. The deity has three eyes where it is shown during aarthi. There is a separate shrine for Goddess Lakshmi called Ahobila Valli.

According to sources, the temple has been referred in Brahmaanda Puranaam. Lord Vishnu in Narasimha Avataar killed demon King HiranyaKashipu.

When we circumambulate around the temple, actually we go round the small hillock as Gir Pradhakshina.

Dose and Puliogre-Koil special
When walking round the temple, there is a an Azhinjal tree, which is considered most sacred. People praying for marriage or children, tie a small piece of thread from their clothes on the branches of this tree, by doing this with a wish, their wishes are fulfilled.

After the visit, we started back at 11.30am and reached Kalpakkam by 12,30 pm

written Friday 3rdJune2016

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