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Sunday, 26thJune2016

Sri ChamarajendraPark, commonly known as CubbonPark, covers area of 300 acres in the heart of the city NammaBengaluru.

Originally created in 1870, during colonial days, named after longest serving commissioner of the state, Sir Mark Cubbon and eventually renamed in 1927 as Sri Chamarajendra Park.

The predominently green area of the park has many motorable roads, well laid walking paths running through the park, frequented by early morning walkers.

Tourists visiting the park in the city of Bengaluru has nicknamed the city as "GardenCity"

The place is about 10 Km from our house BirthiMane, Bengaluru, and have decided got to the park in the morning with newly acquired beagle the dog, "Seena".

Spent about 2 hours around, Rishi walking the dog and meeting other dog friends.

Therewas also a music and a dance program on the stage in the centre of park.

Weather was quite pleasant and we returned home by 9am, after having breakfast on the way at Adigas at R T Nagar.

It was a quite refreshing morning.

written Tuesday 28thJune2016

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