Thursday, June 2, 2016


Saturday 28thMay2016

ShivaTemple on the top
ThiruKaluKundram is one of the most famous pilgrim centres in TamilNadu, renowed for Hill Temples. It is about 70 km from Chennai, towards MahabaliPuram.

It is named after two sacred eagles who every noon at hill temple called PakshiTheertham.

Lord Sri VedaGiriswarar resides at the top of hills. A unique phenomenon takes place at this place everyday at 12 noon. Two eagles appear over the temple to worship the Lord and they come down to a rock where sweet rice is offered. The sacred eagle are believed to be sons of Lord Brahma, who for their sins were cursed by Lord Shiva to be born as eagles on Earth. They are known as Pusha and Vidhadha.

We didn't see any of these happenings and when we reached the bottom of hills at 9am from ChengalPet, where we went to drop Seinivasan's family, the gate was still closed.

After 5-10minutes, a person comes with a key and opens the gate and fee of Rs 2.00 was charged for going up the hill and visit the temple.

There are about 650 steps to climb and are wide, covered and as you go up, it becomes steeper. One has to sit, relax and then proceed. Lot of monkeys greet you on the way and some are arrogant and demanding. When we reached the top, door was closed and probably priest was performing pooja.
Parvathi Temple

After Darshanam of the Lord, beautiful scenic view of the city and Sangha Theertham, it was time for us come down the steps which took about 20 minutes.

The temple at the foothils is dedicated to Parvathi, consort, known as ThripuraSundari Amman. The temple has four Towers (Gopurams)

After the visit, whether being hot, drove back to Kalpakkam by 12 noon.

written Thursday 2ndJune2016