Friday, June 3, 2016


Friday 27thMay2016

It was Friday evening, 6 pm , left from Kalpakkam toThiruporur, distance of 40 km to visit Sri KandaSwamy (Murugan) Temple. Six people in the car, Srinivasan, his wife Bhuvana, son Rakesh, PremaSundaresan and V2....., me in the driving seat.

Sri KandaSwamy Temple also known as Subramanya Swamy Temple is an ancient temple dating back to the Pallava period and is one of 33 major temples in Tamilnadu dedicated to the worship of Murugan.

Thiruporu Devasthanam preserves Pallava inscriptions from as early as the 10th century as well as from the period of Vikrama Chola of 12th Century CE. As evdenced from an inscription found on a stone pillar in this this temple.

During the middle of 17th Century, Thiruporur was rediscovered and renovated by Chidambara Swamigal who was desendant of the poets of Tamil Sangam of Madurai.

A huge tank (sarovar) in front of the temple is very pleasant  and after darshan of Murugan, going round the temple, we left back to Kalpakkam,

Written Friday, 3rd June2016

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