Wednesday, June 1, 2016


24th - 30th May 2016

The visit to Kalpakkam, TamilNadu, has been long overdue as our close family friend, well wisher, Mr Sndaresan's family has been inviting. The date was planned for 24thMay, train journey was booked for MasDoubleDeck express leaving from Bengaluru Cantonment at 2.40pm.

So after lunch we booked for OlaTaxi from home and reached Cantonment railway station at 2.15pm and waited for a while and double deck train came on time and soon we were on our way to Chennai, capital of TamilNadu State.

The train reached Chennai Central station at 8.30pm and Dr Srinivasan, s/o Mr Sundaresan was waiting. We got with him in the taxi, had some tiffin and reached Kalpakkam, Dept. of Atomic Energy (DAE), Township house by 11.30 pm. The family welcomed us wholeheartedly.

We had wonderful time on the subsequent days, nice food, going to beach nearby, visiting historical places and temples around like MahabaliPuram, KanchiPuram, Thiruporour, ThiruVandhadhai, ThiruKula Kundramm, Singa Peruma Koil, and visit to high security DAE, with due permission.

It was Monday after lunch we left from the place, reached Chennai Central to catch Shatabdi Express train to Bengaluru leaving at 5.30pm and Cantonment at 10.20pm when Rishikanth waiting to take us home, BirthiMane.

written Wednesday June01, 2016

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