Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Sunday 10th July 2016

"Akash" is the son of UdayKumar-Savithri, who are working at Dubai and have been close family friends. They have been active supporter and wellwisher of Sugama Bhajana Group at Dubai/Sharjah and managing committee of UAE Brahmana Samaja, Dubai. They also have an elder daughter Anusha, who is pursuing her law degree in Pune.

UdayKumar-Savithri were at BirthiMane here, to invite us for Akash's Brahmopadesha on 10th July at KannarPady Udupi (at Appaji Bhat's residence).

We travelled to Udupi on 8th July Durgamba night sleeper bus and reached Udyavara at 7 am, after breakfast went to Birthi, Salekeri.

Sunday morning after finishing the pooja progra, at 7 am, we reached KannarPady and were present at the venue. Many Dubai friends like Manohar Raos, Sudhakar Raos, Rajeshwar Holla, Subramanya, Ramesh-Shubhashree, Pushpa-Madhu were already present.

After the Upanayana program, there was Mandolin concert by young (13 years) Sadguna Aithal which lasted till 12 noon

There was grand lunch as usual at such occasions.

It was a grand get-together of friends and their families.

written Tuesday 12July2016

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