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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Guddattu  in Kunadapura Taluk is about 45 km from Udupi. As per wishes of wife's sisters we visited the temple Saturday morning.

"Jaladhivasa MahaGanapathi Devasthana" attracts lots of devotees as it is very old temple and Lord Ganapathi sits inside a cave in a huge rock, looks like a sleeping elelphant.

The Udbhava (emerged on its own) Ganapathi, Balamuri, trunk twisted to right, sitting with his legs folded. As per legend, Lord Shiva advised Ganapathi to sit in the water to get rid of great burning sesation due to excessive eating of honey.

The unique and special seva perfomed here is called "AYAR KODA"  It starts with draining of water from the cave and abhisheka with water with thousand pots of water lifted from the well, with several people standing in a row, right inside the well and passing the pots of water. The abhisheka is done until the water overflows from the cave.

After the pooja and MahaMangalarathi at 12.30 pm,  the devotees proceed to "BhojanaShale", dining hall, where a sumptous lunch is served on banana leaf.

We enjoyed our visit to the temple and returned after grand lunch.

written Tuesday 12th July 2016 

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