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Saturday 3nd July2016
Ravindra KalaKshetra, NammaBengaluru

RANGAYANA, Mysuru, organized RangaVihara Natakotsava at Bengaluru from 1stJuly to 5thJuly 2016,
Five drama's were staged at Ravindra KalaKshetra, Bengaluru.
We witnessed the second day's play, "Kattale Belaku" (Dark and light), not very impressive, which the team played several times before at various places.
In Kattale Belaku, a renowned playwright does not wish to write anymore. No amount of coaxing seems to be able to convince him to pen his next play because he believes that nothing inspires him anymore. Directed by Vinay Shastry, this play, with its impeccable comic timing and strong performances, kept the audience engaged throughout.

Scenes from the play
So, a producer and a manager from a theatre company set out to cajole the defeated playwright to write a play for them. In order to fuel his creative mind, they suggest multiple scenarios that could work as a prospective plot for the play: a married woman who runs away with her lover, a couple who contemplate suicide after being thrown out of the house by their parents etc. What is remarkable is that as and when these story ideas are described to the playwright, the same scenes take place around his house.
PraveenKumar and Sanjana Kannada Songs
The play does not believe in providing answers to these questions. In fact, towards the end of the play, the playwright is heard saying that he will not write until he is truly inspired. So, in a sense, the play does not resolve his search for a muse. This is the beauty of Sriranga’s text and Kattale Belaku brings it out well.

written Monday 4thJuly2016

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