Sunday, July 17, 2016


 Dare : Sunday 17th July 2016
Venue : H N Kalakshestra, JayaNagara, NammaBengaluru

It's 80 minutes Kannada play presented by YuvaChetana Prathibimba, directed by Santosh Ganachari.
The play is a political sattire with almost no story and they say it is the reflection of society and people how they see it.

The "Nalku Dikku", the four directions as it means are the police, politcians, religious leaders and the media, forms part of the story. The common man in the middle falls into the pit of these four pillars and  how he is being used for their personal greed.

The play opens with a police officer on duty for a program of people's representative, "JanaNayaka" and a woman carrying a packet, with her son walks into the area and policeman becomes curious about the content of the packet. The politician, the media and a religous leader also enters the scene and want to snatch the packet from the woman.

The suspense was about the packet and evnetually it was represneting the IndianFlag, the lady representing "BharathMata".

The dialogues with satire and sarcasm, indicating present scenerio in the society and the peoples mindset are well brought in the presentation. Though the group is amatures in theatre scene, they have made an honest effort to present the play to the best of their ability. Some places, they were in too much of hurry and lacks clarity in their speeches.

However, it was a better than some of the bad plays we had seen.

Written Monday 18thJuly2016


  1. Thanks for your valuable comments/feedback sir. We will try to improve.

  2. Thank you very much for your comments sir, as you said we have to improve on some technical aspects. Since it is our first show, we will surely improve on our areas of concern in upcoming shows. keep us motivated by your presence and feedbacks for our next shows.

    1. As I said, it was a good, honest effort.... You have a bright future....