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Sunday 10th July 2016
"Sneha" is the daughter of ManoharRao-Geetha, who is running "DubaiExpress" exchange company in Dubai. They have been close family friends since our Dubai days. They are also active members of UAE Brahmana Samaja, Dubai since its beginning in 2003. They also have a second daughter Preethi.

Sneha's engagement was fixed with Aditya Tatntry some two months ago, ManoharRao invited us on phone and message that we must attend. The date was 10th July at KannarPady Temple in udupi at 3.00 pm. Since we had the program of Upanayana of Akash (UdayKumar's son) in the morning, we travelled to Udupi on 8th night Durgamba Sleeper bus.

KrishnaRaja Tantry with his mother
Engagement was a grand ceremony with lots of people, as ManoharRao has many relations and friends. He has been a popular man from his college (PPC, Udupi)days.  That was a short program of exchanging invitations and confirming the alliance. After the pooja and Mangalarathi at the Temple, there was heavy tiffin served with Kadabu, shavige, bonda, holige and what not.

After a brief fellowship with Dubai friendsm not seen for some years, people dispersed to thheir destination.

Written 13thJuly2016

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