Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Monday 15th August 2016
Venue: Hongirana School of Excellence, AmteKoppa, Sagara

We were at Shobha's place, Hongirana for weekend and Monday, India celebrated it's 70th Independance Day at home and abroad.

Hongirana School with a student population of more than 1000 children, from LKG to Grade XII, in a beautiful campus of 12 acres. Very nice school building, a large playground, dormitory for more than 200 children, mess hall, staff quarters and Principal's residence.  Students learn in a very natural environment with more than 60 teachers helping them, about 15 buses bring the children daily from nearby villages and towns,  

Shobha Ravindra, my niece, Head of the school and CEO, runs the school with a good discipline, love and care. Every year school celebrates "HONGIROTSAVA" for 3 days, with various programs, where every student will have a chance to exhibit his/her talents and abilities.

Independance Day Celebrations: The flag hoisting ceremony has taken place at 9.15am, with students and staff assembled in the open hall, with everyone singing VANDE MATARAM after the flag hoisting.

The cultural program was presented by the children of primary section focussing the presentaion on SHRI KRISHNA ARADHANE,  with little children dressed as Krshna or Radhe and dancing on the stage with a suitable music. A chief guest highlighted the life and preachings of ShriKrishna.

The program started at 10am, ended at 12.30pm and after lunch, we headed back to Bengaluru.

written Thursday 18th August 2016  

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