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Sunday, 14th August 2016

After visiting Banavasi, we proceeded to Balligavi, a distance of 25 km and visited many temples.

Balligavi is a small town in ShikariPura Taluq of Shivamoga Dist in Karnataka State. It;s place of anitiquity and known for ancient monuments. It's also famous as birth place of great Veerashaiva Saint ALLAMA PRABHU.and closely associated with Vachana Poet AKKA MAHADEVI, who was born in nearby place Udugani. It's birthplace of ShantalaDevi, Queen of Hoysala King VishnuVardhana. The famous 11th Century Kedareshwara and TripurantaKeshwara Temple are also in town. It's about 72 Km from Shimoga.

The golden age of Belligavi is during the western Chalukya-Hoysala Empire in 10-12th Centuries. It had 54 temples and believed 50000 residents at that time.

Kedareshwara Temple - The oldest example of TRIKUTA (Triple Towers) structure, each facing North, South and  West. The Hoysala Emblems were added by Hoysala VinayaDitya in 1060 CE The shrines to the west and south contain ShivaLinga and the north has image of Lord Vishnu. All shrines open to up to MahaMantapa and SabhaMantapa.The Housala crest ( emblem of Hoysala warrior stabbing a lion) on the top.

Tripurantaka Temple - It is built in 11th Century by western Chalukyas, during the King VishnuVardhan's era. The main deity is Tripuranataka, a form of Lord Shiva,

The temple is known for its unique perforated windows that have spectacular stone aer work. The doorway is decorated on both the sides by window panels. Each window panel is filled with long entangled sculptures of three pairs of "Nagas" of snakes. At the doorway are the stone structures of the "Dikpalas" guarding the deity.

There are temples where one can see some erotic scenes on stone carvings, showing the interest of lust and sex in those days, by the rulers and also the "Shilpis".

Written Friday, 19th Aug 2016

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