Monday, August 22, 2016


13 -15 August 2016

"Seena" Our Adopted beegle dog, with us for more than 2 months, fairly got used to our way of life.
He is taken for walk every morning and evening by son Rishi or wife Nalini and got used to pee and poop during his walks.

He is given less of pedigree and more of our daily food we eat, vegetarian food i.e. rice, chapathi, idli and dosa. He enjoys the tasty food and sometimes becomes restless until the meal is made ready. Rishi plays with him when he is at home otherwise sleeps well. He never used to bark for more than a month and now barks loudly when some person or a shadow passes near the window.

We had planned to travel to Hongirana School of Excellence, Sagara, a distance of 400 km from Bengaluru. Seena was quite comfortable throughout the journey of about 8 hours with some stop over on the way. Shobha, my niece. is the CEO and Head of the school , where we stayed for two nights had 4 big dogs in her dog house.Though Seena was scared in the beginning, he stayed away from playing with them and he is too small.

However, the little boy in the house, Dinga was extremely happy to have had a company of Seena to play and he really enjoyed.
Bye Bye Shobha Madam
The time of return journey also seena was comfortable and was sleeping nicely on the backseat an also in the leg space of the backseat.

It was a happy return home for all of us.

written Monday 22nd August 2016