Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Sunday 14th August 2016

Banavasi is the oldest town in Karnataka, built around Madhukeshwara Temple. The town was once the capital of Kadamba rulers, the ancient Royal Dynasty of Karnataka in AD 345, which ruled for two centuries.

As we were on a weekend trip to Sagara, at Hongirana School of Excellence, AmteKoppa, Headed by Smt. Shobha Somayaji/Ravindra, we started for Banavasi, a distance of 60km, reached the temple around 11am.

The Madhukeshwara temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is one of the oldest temples in Karnataka. It has undergone many changes and additions during the rules of Chalukyas and Hoysalas.

The main shrine was built durinf the nascent stages of temple architecture, and it has minimal dexorative sculpures on the walls and pillars. The Sankalpa Mandapa and Nritya Mandapa has exquisite carvings on the pillars and ceiling.The main Deity is Lord Shiva,  in the form of honey coloured, hence the name MadhuKeshwara.

There is a beautiful monolithic Nandhi Staute in this temple.

The AdiKavi Pampa wrote his epic from this town.

After spending an hour seeing the place, and having cucumber and pineapple, we left the place for our next destination.

written Wednesday 17th August 2016

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