Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Saturday 10th September 2016

It is for a mission to attend engagement of Nivedita at Hebri. Shubha has arranged a 12 seater Tempo Traveller to go to ooru where V2 also joined the group. Joined the tempo at GoreGuntePalya at 1pm and reached CharmadiGhat around 5pm after passing through Hassan, Belur and Mudigere.

Charmadi Ghat is one of the points through which it connects Chikkamagalur district with Dakshina Kannada District. The 25 Km stretch starting from KottigeHara to Charmadi Village is beautiful, scenic, awesome, calm and peaceful. It is a unique place as it is a rich bio diversity spot with variety of medicinal plants and rare animal spices in the world. For a nature lover, the Ghat is just a package of unlimited naturtal beaity. The real real beauty can be seen during rainy season. Most of the waterfalls are besides the highway and the top of the Ghat one can find a milky waterfall in between the thick foredt.

Each and every curve of Ghat has got its unique attraction and its really amazing, and makes you to stop the cehicle and enjoy the natural beauty. Once you reach Charmadi Village, one experience a drastic change in the climate, miss cool climate of Chikkamagalur and feel hot and humid.

With that pleasant drive through the Ghat, we reached Hebri via Ujire, Belthangady and BajeGoli at
9 pm.

Written 14thSeptember2016

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