Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Sunday 11th September 2016

Engagement is a pormise to wed and also the period of time between the marriage proposal and marriage. The duration of engagement vastly varies between the parties concerned, their convinience and time for preparation. In the earlier days, it used to be just the meeting of close relations of two parties and agree on the date, time and a convinient venue for the ceremony. Nowadays, it is a huge program with large number of relatives and friends, bigger venue and a grand lunch, almost like a mini wedding.

Nivedita, daughter of Ramakrishna Achar of Hebri was to be engaged to Sandeep on 11th September 2016 at Rama Mandira, Hebri. We were there to witness the occasion. The close relations of the two parties were seated on the stage and agreeing plans for wedding dates and venue. There was also exchanging of "Phala-Pushpa" and draft invitation card by the elders with the presence of priests of both parties. The modern addition of the ceremony is the exchanging rings between the bride and the groom and the photo session follows.

There was a gathering of about 400 people, relations and friends of both parties and grand lunch follows as usual. The whole event is hosted by the girl's father.

written Wednesday 14th September 2016


  1. I am amazed to see the tradition and culture kept intact. The ceremony of engagement appeared like wedding. Lovely pictures and good wishes and blessing for the couple.

  2. That's the way of life Sadia.... Urban areas people may not care for these, but by and large tradition continues.... Thanks for your comments....

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