Friday, October 21, 2016


Tuesday 11th Oct.2016

From KudalaSangama, we proceeded to Alamtti Dam, a distance of 15 km and reached there by 9.30am. The security do not allow visitors to go on the dam and we went towards the reservoir and spent more than hour in the terrace garden on the side of the Dam. The reservoir is named as "LalBahadur Shastri Sagar", in memory of Late Prime Minister.

Almatti Dam is in Bijapur (Now called Vijayapura), a small town in North Karnataka. It is built across the Krishna river, and is hydroelectric project, completed in 2005 and has target power output of 560 GWh.The dam height was raised to 524 metres and 200 TMC storage capacity in reservoir.

Seven terrace gardens have been developed as picnic spot in the dam area.Boating, musical fountains have been set in the area.  On the side of the dam, "Rock Hill garden" contains artificial forest with ceramic wild animals and birds.

There are 28 gates and water released after the power generation, used for upper Krishna irrigation project.

After visiting, we left the place by 11 am and reached Hospet at 12.30, had lunch at Swathi Hotel, preceded for our return journey to Bengaluru via ChtraDurga and reached home by 7 pm

It was a pleasant trip and saw many places and Raghu's driving was sooper throughout.

written Saturday 22nd Oct. 2016

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