Thursday, October 13, 2016


Ayudha Pooje is normally done on Mahanavami (9th Day) of Navratri days which falls on Monday 9th Oct.2016. As we were away on North Karnataka tour, the same was done on Wednesday 12thOct.

Ayudha Pooje meant to worship all kinds of tools, instruments used. But in present days, it's mostly Vahana Pooje, that is worshiping vehicles used like Car, Motorbike and computers etc.

In our house BirthiMane at NammaBengaluru, a small pooja was performed after washing the car and the motorbike. They bedecked with flowers, kumkum and haldi powder. After burning incense stick, offering banana as "Naivaidya"  aarthi was done.

Just for remembering the day.

written Friday 14th Oct.2016

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