Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Monday 10th Oct. 2016

From Gokak, Godechinamalki falls, we reached Badami, a distance of 70 km and stayed in a beautiful Krishna Heritage hotel for the night. We missed the way following Google maps and had to return and follow the alternate route through Bhatpurki and Keroor to reach Badami at 10pm.

After nice breakfast at the hotel, proceeded to visit Badami Cave temples in the city.

The Badami Cave Temples are the complex of four Hindu, Jain temples dating back to 6th Century. It is fine example of Indian rock-cut architecture, from Chalukya Dynasty,

Caves, called Guhalaya, from 1 to 4, are escarpment of hill in soft Badami sand stone formation. Caves 1 and 2, sculptures acrved are mostly Shiva and Nataraja related, Cave 3  was dedicated to Vishnu related mythology, largest and most intricately carved cave in the complex. Cave 4 was dedicated revered figures (Thirthankars) of Jainism.

The cave temples are connected by stepped path, with intermediate terraces overlooking the city and the Agasthya Lake. The temples have three common features,, They are pillored veranda, columned hall and a sanctum cut out deep into rock.

One will have no doubt in mind about the ability, talent, hard work and dedication of skilled people fn those days  to have left immemorial structures.

Morning with a bunni(rabbit) at the hotel
at Krishna Heritage Hotel
After spending about about an hour and half, we walked down and proceeded to see the other temples and the lake. It was an herculean task to drive through the narrow lanes of the city, and returning was more difficult as it was a market day and the vendors spread their good almost on the road hindering the movement of vehicles. Some how, with a little scratch on the car, we reached the main road to proceed to PattadaKal and Aihole, other attractions near Badami.

written Wednesday, 19th Oct.2016