Monday, October 17, 2016

ಕಾಲಂದುಗೆಯ ಕಥೆ - Kannada Drama

Saturday, 15th October 2016
Venue: RangaShankara, J P Nagara, NammaBengaluru.

We really witnessed 3-hour long story of an (Kalandugeya) anklet. which is a stage adaptation of H S Shivaprakasha Madure Kanda, Madhavi and Matruka., based on the Tamil classic Silapadikaram, the epic poem from 4th Century.

Diected by B R Venktramana Aithal.

The play is presented by NINASAM Tirugata, is mostly enjoyed by rural crowd. There is lot singing, dances, clear dialogues and a story going on and on. The story of Kovala, a rich merchant, marrying Kannagi and later falls in love with dancer Madhavi and marries her. Bad times comes for Kovala and leaves the town with Kannagi and reaches Madhurai and there he gets into trap with merchant community and falls into charges of stealing the queen's anklet and was killed.

Kannagi becomes very violent and destroys Madhurai Kingdom with Devi avatara.

Artists: Avinash rai, Gangadhara Patila, ganeshM, Prathibha B G,  Prasanna G V, Bindu Rakshidi. Manju Sringeri, Yashavanth Belthangady, Roopa C R., Srnidhi Achar, K S Sunila, and others.

We did not expect the play to be so long. However, we manage sit till the end. The dialogues were very clear, the acting was good by most of the artists. The music and singing were also good.

written Monday 17th Oct.2016

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