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Monday 10th Oct. 2016

After visiting Aihole, we left at 5 pm for KudalaSangama a distance of 50 kms, and reached the place by 7pm.  Hotel room booked was at Kamath Yatri Nivas, we freshened up went to see the Sangameshwara Temple nearby.

Kudala Sangama is one of the important pilgrimage place for people of Lingayath faith, established by Basavanna in 12th Century. The Krishna and MalaPrabha river merge here at this place and flows east towards Srisailam. The Aikya Mantapa, or holy Samadhi of Basavanna, founder of Lingayath faith along with linga believed to be self-born (Swambhu) is here. The linga is below the riverbed and one can reach there by more than 100 nice spiral steps, constructed to reach the place, separately for going down and coming up.

At the Confluence (Sangama)

The Sangameshwara Temple
The Sangameshwara Temple is beautifully stone carved temple and is a marvelous piece of Art. The temple premises are neat clean, well maintained by Kudala Sangama Development Board.

Basavanna, a saint, social reformer, was born in 1134 CE at Basvana Bagewadi, was a true devotee of Lord Shiva. He started new religion VeeraShaivism (Lingayith), preaching and writing religious literature in Kannada.

There is beautiful Basava Dhrama Peetha (Anubhava Mantapa), where many images and idols of the followers of Basavanna and writing of the great Saint. The nicely maintained place is tourist attraction center.

The next morning also we visited the temple premises and Confluence (Sangama), for the beautiful view of the rivers and the sun rise.

After breakfast at the hotel, we left for visiting Almatti Dam.

written Friday 21st Oct. 2016

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