Friday, October 14, 2016


Visited: Sunday 9th October 2016

After having breaksfast at Veena-Raghavendra's house in Hubballi, we proceeded to Navilteerth Dam, a distance of 85km. The dam is constructed on river Malaprabha and Renuka Sagar reservoir are the places to see.

Navilteertha is a small place near Soundatti in Belgaum District. The dam has four gates and water is used for irrigation and drinking water purposes. The full reservoir level is 2079 ft and the reservoir capacity is 37.70 tmcft.

The religious and spiritual importance is that Mahatapasvi Shri Kumar Swamiji meditated here and attained enlightenment. There is Ramalingewshwara temple in a cave in the lower part of the dam.

The sad part is the place is full of litter, people come for picnic with food and drinks and throw the used plates and bottles all over the area. Educating the people and providing enough huge bins may reduce the problem and help for cleaner environment. Karnataka Tourism Department must take up the initiative.

written Friday 14th Oct.2016

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