Friday, October 21, 2016

"NO" to SteelFlyOver - PROTEST

Sunday,16th Oct.2016

There has been widespread opposition to construction of steel flyover of 6.7km from Chalukya circle to Hebbal flyover in Bengaluru. Congress Government headed by Siddaramaih adamant on going ahead with project, as they claim, it will reduce the  TRAFFIC CONGESTION to KempeGowda International Airport.

Large number of citizens doubt about the intention of the Government including the cost of Rs 1800 crores and transparency involved, felling of more than 800 trees. Experts also of the opinion that steel bridge increases the temperature and spoiling the beauty of the city.

Citizen's group including many organizations and celebrities called for a protest on Sunday 16th Oct. forming a human chain from Chalukya circle to Mekhri Circle and thousands have participated to express their displeasure to the project and suggested alternates ways to reduce traffic congestion.

Hopefully, the Government respects the opinion and concern by the large number of Bengalureans and will shelve the project.

written Saturday 22nd Oct.2016

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