Wednesday, October 12, 2016


We were included in ShubhaRaghu's plan of visiting North Karnataka's attractions for four days.
@ VaniVilas Dam near Hiriyur
The tour planned for four days from Saturday 8th to 11th October 2016. The plan was to visit dams, historical places, waterfalls and temples.
@Badami CaveTemples
Day One:(Sat, 8th Oct.) Left from BirthiMane, Bengaluru at 7am, RaghuShubha Lahari came to pick us up. After having breakfast on the way at Kamat Restaurant, reached VaniVilas Sagar (Mari Kanive Dam), a distance of 180 km.
After that, we reached ChitraDurga, city of fort, had lunch in a hotel and proceeded to visit the historical "Durga Kote". Left the place by 6pm and reached Hubbali at 9pm, a distance of 200 km.
Stayed with close relation VeenaRaghavendra for the night.
@Hubbali,with VeenaRaghavendra
Day Two:(Sun,9th Oct) Left at 8.30am after breakfast and reached NaviluThirtha Dam, a distance of 80km. After that proceeded to Gokak town, had lunch at a hotel and proceeded to GokakFalls. From there proceeded to another WaterFalls called GodachinaMalki, a distance of 20 km. From there we were to scheduled to reach Badami. a distance of 80 km. But on the way following Google maps, ended up in a village road for 3 km. Eventually reached a incomplete bridge, which was not passable, had to return to main to take the alternate road to Badami and reached Krishna Heritage hotel for night stay at 10pm.

At KrishnaHeritage Hotel, Badami
Day Three:(Mon, 10th Oct) After breakfast at the hotel, left for visiting Badami Cave Temples, Agasthya Lake, and other temple and had to really struggle to pass through the market area and reached PattadaKal, another historical place, with lot of monuments. From there proceeded to Aihole, a distance of 20km. The roads were horrible and infrastructure is very poor.
After having lunch, visited the monuments and left for KudalaSangama, a distance of 60km. Checked in at Kamath Upahaar and lodging for the night.
at Kudala Sangama (Confluence)
Day Four:(Tue, 11th Oct) Visited the Sangameshwara Temple, where 12th Century religious leader Basavanna lived and became one with God (Aikya). After breakfast in the hotel checked out and proceeded to Almatti Dam, a distance of 25km. After visiting the place started heading back, reached Hospet at 12.45pm, had lunch at Swathi Hotel and left at 1.30pm and reached BirthiMane, Bengaluru at 7pm, conluding the four day successful trip.

Thanks Raghu for sooper driving and a grand trip.

Individual blogs will follow.

written Wednesday 12th Oct.2016

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