Monday, November 28, 2016


Sunday 27th November 2016
Kannada Katte, Coffee Board Layout Park, Kempapura, Hebbala, Bengaluru.

The month of November. Kannada speaking people in the state and all over the world celebrate Rajyotsava, the formation of linguistic states on November 1st, 1956.

Bytarayanapura Unit of Kannada Sahitya Parishath organized the Rajyotsava Program at Kannada Katte, outside Coffee Board Park, Kempapura, Hebbala, Bengaluru on Sunday 27th November, 6pm. The local political leaders were invited and the Minister KrishnaByre Gowda and MLA of the Constituency had only time to arrive, deliver his speech and leave. Constituency Member of Parliament (M.P) Mr. D V Sadananda Gowda had his name only printed on the invitation and he had no time to be present.

Dr Siddalingaih delivering his speech
Dr Siddalingaiah, an eminent poet and playwright writing in Kannada and a Dalit activist and a politician. He was the chief guest and spoke at length about Kannada Language, Kannadigas who are so large hearted and welcome all non-kannadigas and try to speak their language instead of teaching Kannada. However, he urged every Kannada speaking person to use, teach and feel proud about Karnataka and the Kannada Language. Other speakers also spoke about Karnataka and Kannada.

Scenes from Girija Kalyana
Cultural Program followed with two hour Kannada Drama, by Adamya Kalaranga directed by Malthesh Badiger. The drama revolves around a young clever girl from a village, who was fascinated by films and dreams of marrying her famous matinee idol, like any other girls. But just before she completes her schooling, she was was married off to a young farmer Nani and Girija's dreams and aspirations remained in the village with Nani. She was happy and had a child, Nani gets a loan from shark bankers for their farm to grow more in their fields. But due to drought situation, he could not repay the loan and ends up committing suicide.

The Actors
A middleman, an agent, lures Girija that she will get a compensation from the Government, and takes her to Capitol Bangalore. She was appalled by the corruption and red tapism in the Government offices and the greedy politicians to sanction her compensation. and loses everything she had and returns to the village.

The questions on society and the morals..... who's fault?? Girija's dreaming? their taking loan? shark bankers? Governments inability to protect the honest farmers? or the hungry and greedy politicians??

Director Badiger receiving felicitations
Girija, enacted by Bhargavi Gowda done an excellent job in different roles of her character, active young girl, married woman, life with her husband, the baby, losing her husband and her desperation in the city to get the compensation. Nani, her husband and the other actors also did a good job. The play with lot of songs and accompanying dances by village men, women and the narrator on the TV screen narrating the events that took place in the village.

It was a good effort, enjoyable and at times hilarious but the sad ending and empathy was not expected by the people who enjoy entertainment.

written Tuesday 29th November 2016


  1. Lovely narration ! I am glad that people are stirred by dramas with a message and they are also stirred highlighting moral values. Could you shed more light on 'Rajyotsava.'

    1. Hello Sadia, "Rajyotsava" is celebration for the formation of linguistic states "Karnataka" in India on 1st November 1956. India became Republic in 1950 and after that demand for states as per languages spoken increased. Hence the festival (Utsav) for new "Rajya" (State)....