Monday, November 14, 2016


Super moon is spectacular phenomenon, brightest moon in almost 68 years that light up the sky on 14th November2016. and people across the globe can watch.

SuperMoon is a astrological term. It's perigee of the earth-moon-sun system. The moon orbits round the earth in elliptical orbit and the distance varies from 363396 km at the perigee (nearest) and to 405504km at the apogee (farthest). At the time of SuperMoon, full occurs when it is closest to the earth.

We made an attempt to view the event from the terrace of our house BirthiMane, at BhuvaneshwariNagar, Hebbal, NammaBengaluru at about 8.30pm.

I also made an effort to take some pictures using my ordinary digital camera, but I was not very happy as it did not show much difference to show that it is really "SuperMoon"

However, had the satisfaction of watching the event.

written Tuesday 15th Nov,2016