Sunday, November 20, 2016

"TREASURE HUNT" Rally - Mahindra KUV100

Sunday, 20th November 2016
Hotel Lalith Ashok, NammaBengaluru

It's about eight months since we bought the new Mahindra KUV100 (Young SUV) and we have been running around with it in Bengaluru City and outside the city. The vehicle is comfortable and majestic to drive. Though I was apprehensive about the low mileage in the beginning, after the first service, it has improved slightly.

Rishi(Driver) & Ravi (Co-Driver)
Mahindra KUV has organized a "Treasure Hunt" event on Sunday 20th November 2016 and I got a call from the showroom and invited me to participate in the event. Though I didn't have a clue about the nature of the event I happily agreed to participate in the event. Rishikanth was also there and we reached venue of the event at 9am. Ravi and Vidya also joined as at the venue.

Crew (Vidya & Nalini)
After the registration, there was a briefing by the organizers about the event. It is in the Time-Speed-Distance rally format and treasure hunt. The route instruction book was given a total reading, direction and the instructions.There were manual time control, treasure hunt to fill in the blanks in the event route.

Rishikanth was driver and Ravikanth was co-driver, guide and director. Appa, Nalini and Vidya were crew members.

After setting the ODO reading to zero at 10.45 am, we were flagged off from the hotel and the first stop was to re-fuel.

The route was cover a total distance of 47.90 Km and there were FIVE treasure hunt.

1) At a distance of 1.70km, Vegetarian Hotel Royal Orchard
2) at a distance of 6.25Km, you play Match Day
3) at 11.15 km, Electronic Institute at force station
4) at 17.45 km  HDFC ATM
5) at 24.55 Km , Bharti Farm

After refueling again at fuel station, we returned to the hotel premises by 1 pm. It was our first rally and was a pleasant drive in country roads and through villages.

Receiving the Prize
Winners were decided by the time limit and distance indicated and penalty points for reaching earlier.

Grand lunch was arranged by the organizers to all participants and their family.

Post lunch session was magic show for children and Prize distribution and feedback session.

for Marketing
To our surprise, we were called for receiving the prize in the first four winners. It was gift voucher for Shoppers Stop. There was also gift voucher for PVR cinemas for all participants.

It was a nice event and happy to have participated with all of us.

written Monday 21st November 2016


  1. Congratulations to the entire family.

  2. It was fun filled event ..We njoyed it ...altogether
    Thank You Mahindra KUV100 ....Young SUV....

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