Monday, December 19, 2016


Sunday, 18th December 2016
KalaGrama, Mallathalli, Bengaluru

Astrologer with TV Anchor
Artists:  Jairam Bangalore. Murali Chimmalagi, Maala Sujith Shetty, Kumaraswamy Shivaramaih, Rithu Korapathi, Ashok Gowda, Siddaramu Shivu, Akshatha A. B., Arpitha Dindody. Manjunath Kadoor. Manjunath Krishnappa, Vinod Pattanshetti

Based on Popular writer Dundiraj's play, Vikasam presents "Pukkate Salahe", (Free advice) sattire based on TV show that claims to solve problems based on astrology and help people who call them from all over Karnataka. You get a chance to hear the various dialects of Kannada.

A caller
One good thing about the play is, before it started getting boring, the drama is over.  

The 60-minutes play, supposed to be humorous and with satire, doesn't carry much substance or entertainment. The actors are bit boring, monotonous and dragging. 

PUKKATE SALAHE - FREE ADVICE, However, it was a short play and we could sit through. The venue was far and we felt it was a waste of time and driving time.

written 19th December 2016


  1. I am a bit curious to know about the drama. Astrology is a million dollar industry. Despite knowing that the astrologer is as ignorant about the future and the client people tend to indulge in astrological forecast. I used to read a lot until I realized that astrology is a waste of time and energy and a taboo religiously. What was the message delivered in the drama and what was the satire? You have not shared that. How was the satire dramatized and how was the message delivered to the audience? I want to know the literary aspect of it.

  2. Happy to know that you are curious about the drama. Satire is based on the TV show that claims to solve problems based on astrology to help people.

    The astrologer sits with a TV anchor and receives phone calls from people with different issues like family, promotion, drinking or love. He based on date of birth and claims from astrology gives solution to problems.
    Message is not to believe these fake astrologers.