Wednesday, December 7, 2016


That was a grand grand wedding celebrations of Sneha Rao. d/o Manohar Rao and Adithya Tantry, s/o Venugopal Tantry. The engagement was at Kannarpady Temple, near Udupi on 10th July, which attended.

Pre-Wedding Party, the couple
Manohar Rao runs a money exchange "Dubai Express" in Dubai and has been there many years. His children, Sneha and Preeti were small and going to OurOwn High School, where I was Supervisor.

They are family friends and have house in Mysuru. Mr Rao actively participates in all programs of  UAE Brahmana Samaja Dubai.

Wedding celebrations begin
Saturday night was Pre-wedding party with music, songs, dances and short Yakshagana by Narayana Shabaraya from Udupi followed by dinner.

Friends from Dubai
Sunday morning was the wedding celebrations, at 7am, arrival of Barath (Dibbana), dhoom-dham, dance, and the actual wedding with exchange of garlands, KanyaDaana, SaptaPadi, and MangalaSutra. Very pleasant Saxaphone music played by a team throughout and lot of relations and friends from all over, witnessed the wedding.  Grand lunch followed with several sweet items.

Evening again there was a get-together for cock-tail party at Hotel Le Ruchi Prince followed by dinner.
Cock-tail Party
We wish the newly married couple, long and happy married life and God's Blessings.

at the Wedding Reception in Bengaluru
Grand wedding reception was at Poornima Convention Hall, Bengaluru 5th Dec. on Monday evening.

written Thursday 8th Dec. 2016