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Sunday, 11 December 2016
Venue: ADA KalaMandira, NammaBengaluru
Ritwik Simha as Mohd. Bin Tighlaq

"Tughlaq"- by Girish Karnad is the play about the turbulent rule of Mohammed Bin Tughlaq.(1325 - 1351) Though it is historical play, it is appropriate to the contemporary politics of any era, especially in the current global scenario.

Scenes from the play
The lead role of Mohammed Bin Tughlaq was played by Ritwik Simha, son of veteran Late C R Simha, one time famous director and actor. His style, acting delivery of dialogues, modulation were all excellent.

The play explores the series of events that led to downfall of the one of the most fascinating, cruel Sultan (King) to occupy the throne of Delhi, Mohammed Bin Tughlaq. He, known for reformist "ahead of times" ideas had a grand vision, but reign was a abject failure.

One of ideas was shifting the capital from Delhi to Daulatabad, in order to have the capital not only at the centre of the province, but also hindu dominated area. His ideals of a Unified India and in 20 years, his reign had degenerated into anarchy and his kingdom became a "Kitchen of Death"

The play covers the consequences that followed his decision. The play highlights how religion can be misused to bring in the common man into foul play. The play outlines his clever plots to eliminate his opponents and ends with scenes of utter chaos and misery in the Kingdom. His downfall, no matter how big his dreams and vision, came in the hands of the religion and the business class.

The enactment by the other characters were excellent. Azam and Aziz, especially the Dhobi in various dubious roles of Brahmin, Shaikh, religious leader, cleverly escapes from the ruler, when he was caught.

The ambiance, stage setting, lighting and sound effect were all good. The play is about two and half hours, which appeared to be bit long.

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  1. Wow !a historical play. I believe they should promote the art in the schools also. Children can learn and get inspired. I am really fascinated by the stage dramas. Thanks Sir. Excellent narration.

  2. Sir, how is the stage play promoted in Bangalore. I mean, how is it surviving when such an art is disappearing from all over the world because people have switched to electronic media. How do you come to know about the events?