Friday, January 27, 2017


Thursday 26th January 2017
RangaShankara, JP Nagara, NammaBengaluru.

The play is about six college friends, Aarthi, Haritha, Bhaskar, Abdul, Tejas, Raman and the consequences of their get-together after six years over drinks party. To pass time, they decided to play a game "Truth and only Truth" to reveal their own truth each. They put their names on a slip and pick and must reveal their truth.

Just through their game, they were shocked to know that there is dead body outside the door and they are all confused what to do. Somehow, they take the body out and throw it somewhere.
WAITING IN THE LINE, Nalini, Pushpa, others
The story is about how each of the six friends reveal their past (Anaavarana) . Haritha wanted to marry Abdul when her father was not willing, Aarthi was in love with Tejas, who was a gay, Bhaskar with imaginary high flying life was really very poor with no money etc etc...

The play contains lot of laughter, emotions and facts of life. The presentation and acting by all actors were good and the suspense was kept throughout. It was 80-minutes play and there was no presentation of artists, as normal in the other plays. Lighting and stage setting was good.

written Saturday 28th Jan.2017

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