Saturday, January 7, 2017


Elder brother Seetharama Somayaji's second daughter is Sandhya, SandhyaSadaram's eldest son is Sachin whose wedding took place on the NewYear 2017 day at Govinda Kalyana Mantapa, at Udupi.


Engagement took place in August in Bengaluru and all preparations were done like invitations, purchases and travel.
Seetharama Somayaji & Sunanda Somayaji

Saturday 31st night, there was Get-together party at the same venue, socializing, music, dance and fun followed by dinner. Lot of enthusiastic children took part in the program and new couple were also in high mood. Many relations and friends also took part in the party.

The next day, Muhurtham was at 11.15am, preparations for the wedding started from 9 am, after breakfast. The arrival of dibbana (Baaraath) followed and the bride came in a wooden chariot carried by relations and carried to the dais for the moment of exchanging garlands, when the two became husband and wife.

 Other wedding formalities like Kanyadaana, ManglyaDharane, SaptaPadi etc etc. followed.

The wedding followed by grand Lunch as usual on such occasion, with many variety of items and sweets. The relations and friends had photo shoot with the newly married couple and wished them "Long and Happy Married Life".

There was SatyaNarayana Pooja and Reception at NandaGokula Sabangana, GiriNagar, Bengaluru on Tuesday, 3rd January 2017.

written Sunday 8th January 2017

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