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Saturday, 14th January 2017
K H KalaSoudha, HanumanthNagara, Namma Bengaluru.

The play is about the transformation of a balloon selling village girl, talking in typical arrogant way into a sophisticated lady by a professor and gets attached to him emotionally.

Scene from the play
Sevanthi, centre of the play and the Professor, an arrogant and rude, accepts the lady selling balloons at TippeCross and takes up as a project to transform her physically and emotionally. He casually tells that he could teach her "proper" Kannada thereby making her presentable in high society and win the title of "Miss Rajdhani"

Captain, Professor & Sevanthi
The girl accepts the challenge and follows the lessons nd guidelines of the Professor Bhargava Shastry. He trains her how to behave, cook, work at home. Sevathi's father is a drink addict and gets money from the professor to keep the girl.

One Captian Markandeya meets Prof. Shastry and keeps tag of the progress of the girl's transformation. The selfish Professor claims the success of the transformation all to himself. Sevanthi hurt by the Professor's attitude leaves the house and returns to the village. But the bonding that took place between the Professor and the girl takes him to the village and he accepts her as life partner.

The flow of the drama is quite good, at no point of time, there is slackness or boredom. Dialogues, acting of most of the characters were good.

The live music, songs and singing were good. Changing scenes, lighting were excellent.

Written Monday 16th January 2017

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